Core Drilling Specialists Ltd are experts within the concrete drilling and sawing industry with over 30 years of the company’s experience. C.D.S. provides professional services to both the construction and demolition industries, throughout Scotland and the UK.





    Investment Continues for Core Drilling Specialists

    In a strategic move aimed at enhancing operational capabilities and meeting the demands of significant contracts, Core Drilling Specialists (CDS) has announced a substantial investment in a state-of-the-art 50K floor saw. This latest addition to their equipment arsenal comes in anticipation of several new contract starts, including a high-profile project at the RAF Leuchars airbase.

    The decision to procure the advanced floor saw underscores CDS’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for their clients’ diverse needs. The RAF Leuchars airbase contract, in particular, demands extensive cutting works, fire stopping, demolition, temporary support works, and asbestos removal. The large meterage of cutting works required for this project necessitates specialised equipment capable of delivering precision and efficiency, which the 50K floor saw is poised to provide.

    The significance of securing the contract at RAF Leuchars cannot be overstated. As one of the United Kingdom’s key military installations, the airbase plays a pivotal role in national defense operations. By being entrusted with crucial aspects of infrastructure enhancement and maintenance, CDS solidifies its position as a trusted partner in critical projects of national importance.

    CDS Managing Director, Scott Murray, highlights:

    “We are thrilled to announce our investment in the 50K floor saw, which marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering excellence in our services.

    “This acquisition enables us to tackle complex projects with precision and efficiency, ensuring that we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.”

    The contract at RAF Leuchars adds to CDS’s already robust portfolio, further bolstering the company’s position in the industry. With the second half of 2024 shaping up to be a period of substantial growth and activity, the investment in the floor saw positions CDS to capitalise on emerging opportunities and continue to deliver exceptional results for its clients.

    In addition to the contract at RAF Leuchars, CDS anticipates undertaking a series of projects across various sectors, further diversifying its portfolio and strengthening its foothold in the market. The company remains committed to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction, principles that have guided its success thus far and will continue to drive its growth trajectory in the future.

    Strengthening Communities: Core Drilling Specialists’ Commitment to Giving Back

    At Core Drilling Specialists, our dedication extends beyond our professional endeavors. We believe in the power of community and the profound impact that collective support can have on those in need. Recently, we had the privilege of contributing to our local community through donations to the local food bank and a mental health charity as part of our diverse community benefit programme.

    As a business deeply rooted in our local community, we understand the importance of giving back. Our commitment to social responsibility goes hand in hand with our core values, guiding us to make meaningful contributions that positively impact the lives of those living in the communities in which we operate within.

    We recognise that access to nutritious food is a fundamental necessity for every individual. That’s why we were honoured to recently support our local food bank with donations of essential food items. In today’s climate, these contributions can make a world of difference to families facing food insecurity. Through our partnership with the food bank, we strive to alleviate hunger and promote food security within Scottish communities.

    In addition to addressing basic needs, we are passionate about supporting mental health initiatives in our community. Mental health is an integral aspect of overall well-being, yet stigma and barriers to care often prevent individuals from accessing the support they need. That’s why we proudly contributed to a local mental health charity, helping to fund vital programmes and services that promote mental wellness and resilience. By investing in mental health initiatives, we aim to break down barriers, raise awareness, and create a supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to seek help and support.

    The Importance of Community Benefit to CDS:

    At Core Drilling Specialists, we firmly believe that businesses have a responsibility to be active participants in building stronger, more resilient communities. Our commitment to community benefit not only aligns with our values but also strengthens our business in numerous ways.

    Our healthy pipeline of contracts for 2024 will allow us to continue to deliver a strong community benefit programme as part of our work with main contractors and local authorities, and will form part of CDS’ long-term growth strategy ahead of a new financial year.

    To keep updated on our commitment to local charities and support groups, we would encourage you to visit our social media pages.

    Core Drilling Specialists Celebrates Completion of Garlogie Dam Removal: A New Home for Atlantic Salmon

    Core Drilling Specialists, in partnership with Taziker the Scottish government and environmental organisations, is delighted to announce the successful completion of drilling works at the Garlogie Dam, a monumental dam removal project that will breathe new life into Scotland’s natural ecosystems, with the aim of creating a thriving habitat for the magnificent Atlantic salmon.

    The Garlogie Dam, once an imposing structure on the River Dee, served industrial purposes for nearly two centuries. However, as the years passed, the dam had become a barrier to the natural migration of Atlantic salmon, impeding their journey upstream for spawning. To address the ecological imbalances caused by the dam and to rejuvenate the river’s biodiversity, the decision to remove the Garlogie Dam was made.

    The project, initiated in 2021, was a collaborative effort involving the Scottish government, environmental groups, and CDS. This ambitious endeavour aimed to not only restore the river’s free flow but also to provide an environment conducive to the recovery of Atlantic salmon populations, which have faced various challenges in recent decades.

    The removal of the dam was executed in meticulous phases, from the preparatory work to the controlled deconstruction of the dam structure. Core Drilling Specialists played a vital role in this process by employing advanced cutting techniques to safely remove the dam’s concrete and bedrock foundations, ensuring minimal disruption to the environment and to the structure remaining.

    The dismantling process involved using our Wire Sawing Technique to section off the blocks in a sequenced manner to ensure we maintained the structural integrity of the structure; each block was the released using drilling and Hydraulic Bursting operations to free it whilst minimising the disturbance to the surround structure and for the main contractor to safely lift from the damn. This was an extremely technical operation as some of the cuts were 4m deep at the bottom of the damn and almost 5m long, all of which had to achieved whilst considering the environmental impacts so ensuring that a substantial bunding system was in place to remove slurry from the cutting procedure as the works progressed as well as interaction to the local residents and farming surrounding the project.

    Today, as the cutting works are completed, the Garlogie Dam stands as a testament to environmental restoration and conservation. The Garlogie Dam site has been transformed into a vibrant ecosystem that is expected to become an ideal habitat for Atlantic salmon. These remarkable fish are an iconic species in Scotland and play a crucial role in the region’s freshwater ecosystems.

    The Scottish National Galleries

    Edinburgh-based Core Drilling Specialists complete works at the new Scottish National Galleries project located in the heart of the local authority.

    Set to open in late-September 2023, the revamp of the new National Galleries will deliver a more spacious and engaging visitor experience and will be home to key pieces from the country’s historic Scottish art collection.

    Working on behalf of the Main Contractor, Tilbury Douglas, CDS delivered a turnkey demolition and structural alterations package in support of the tight construction programme which involved extensive excavation activity. In addition to this, CDS was also responsible for the installation of a temporary support system, as well as leading the jacking of the South elevation, builder’s works, and fire-stopping to ensure the client received a seamless, cradle-to-grave solution.

    Spanning a five-year duration and a landmark that will be steeped in national history, the redevelopment of the Scottish National Galleries will hold a special note in Core Drilling’s contract portfolio as the business gears up for yet another successful quarter.

    CDS Managing Director, Scott Murray, said:

    “As a business, we are very proud to be part of the conversation surrounding the revamp of a national landmark such as the Scottish National Galleries.

    “We make it a priority to ensure we can provide our clients with a seamless and coherent solution that ensures minimal disruption to the wider construction programme, and our involvement in this project is an excellent example of this.

    “Since commencing on site almost five years ago, we have showcased our ability to minimise risk to the client and Main Contractor through the provision of a structured demolition and structural alterations package, and we hope to continue our strong partnership with Tilbury Douglas on several other prestigious projects across the breadth of Scotland.

    “On behalf of the CDS team, we would like to express our thanks to all involved in the delivery of this project and hope the public will enjoy the new and improved space that showcases some of Scotland’s most renowned pieces of art.”

    CDS employee brings home first place in the Tyrolit Cutting Pro competition

    The CDS team are delighted to announce that Thomas McFarlane, a CDS Supervisor, was hailed the winner of 2023 Tyrolit Group Cutting Pro Competition. Thomas excelled in the wall saw round coming first by a prolific distance and then second in the other 2 heats given his overall measured timing far better than the other Operators.

    The prestigious event which took place on the 19th of April 2023 in Rotheram, is an opportunity for core drilling and sawing professionals to showcase their skillsets and abilities, and seeks to bring a sporting touch to the world of concrete drilling and cutting.

    With decades of experience in the industry, Thomas possesses a wealth of knowledge that has been instrumental in the successful delivery of a number of CDS contracts since joining the business 2015.

    Reflecting on his achievement, Thomas said:

    “I am delighted to be able to receive this award on behalf of the team at CDS. The competition itself is highly competitive so to be able to take home first place has been a huge achievement. The standard of cutting this year was exceptionally high and I would like to congratulate all of the competitors who attended the Rotherham event”.

    CDS Managing Director, Scott Murray, said:

    “On behalf of everyone at CDS, I would like to congratulate Thomas on his latest achievement and wish him all the best in the Tyrolit Pro Cutting Finals in Austria.

    “Thomas’ knowledge and skillset is a huge asset to CDS and we had every confidence that he would bring home first place Congratulations Thomas!”

    A strong streak of investment continues for Core Drilling Specialists

    Central-belt based Core Drilling Specialists continues its strong investment streak following the delivery of a brand-new Electric Front Loader and Dumper truck to add to the business’ booming fleet.
    Both the Sherpa mini-loader and the Twinca Dumper Truck will support the delivery of several live and forthcoming CDS contracts as the business enters a new financial year. The new pieces of ‘kit’ include telescopic lift functions, designed to support the manoeuvring of debris into high-sided skips to allow for more efficient resource recovery.

    The new electric models will offer a number of sustainable benefits to the firm’s clients by offering assurance that zero fumes are emitted during the demolition stage of internal projects. The delivery comes shortly after CDS’ investment in an Electric Floor Saw from Husquarvarna Construction back in February 2023.

    Supporting the business’ strategy for sustainable growth, the emissions-free front loader and dumper truck will revolutionise CDS operations by assisting the reduction of the firm’s environmental footprint whilst reducing the overall manual labour on the team. With demands from the Scottish Government continuing to accelerate, the forward-thinking Core Drilling Specialists continue to be at the forefront of conversations surrounding Scotland’s journey towards net-zero.

    Scott Murray, CDS Managing Director, said:

    “The entire team at CDS extend our thanks to Compact Loaders UK for supporting us with the delivery of our new plant machinery which will have a huge impact on our path towards net-zero operations.

    “As a demolition contractor of choice for some of Scotland’s most prestigious projects, we understand our environmental responsibility to ensure we consistently monitor our emissions and undertake measures to consistently reduce our carbon footprint.

    “The Sherpa mini-loader and the Twinca Dumper Truck will help us bolster productivity and reduce lead times on a number of internal contracts that are set to begin in the coming weeks.

    “As growth continues to remain one of our core objectives, we will continue to reinvest in sustainable plant and machinery to ensure we maintain our position as a market leader in the built environment”.

    New Investment

    Passion for investment continues for the central belt-based Core Drilling Specialists as the firm announces its latest investments in two new vehicles as well as an Electric Floor Saw from Husquarvarna Construction.

    In response to the Scottish Government’s ambitious plans to tackle the current climate emergency, Industrial firms are under pressure to curb rising emissions by implementing sustainable initiatives that support the route to net-zero. With this in mind, CDS’ latest investment in the FS500E Electric Floor Saw demonstrates the firms’ commitment to reducing CO2 emissions whilst enhancing overall operations.

    The FS500E electric floor saw by Husquarvarna Construction is powered by the powerful IE3 zero emission 7,5 kW motor with optimised weight and balance ensuring ergonomic working position and productivity. The cutting-edge equipment will be a huge asset to the firm and will be instrumental to the successful delivery of forthcoming contracts.

    Similarly, the introduction of two new vehicles to the business through the companies Supplier at Western Nissan’ consistently expanding fleet is testament to the firm’s healthy pipeline of contracts scheduled throughout 2023, and brings the total number of vehicles to 28. The new Nissan Primestar and Interstar come with Euro6D-Full homologation delivering outstanding performance with great fuel economy (up to 32.8 MPG on 150HP FWD, WLTP combined). All engines are EURO 6D compliant featuring a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to further reduce emissions

    CDS Managing Director, Scott Murray, said:

    “As a business, we are keen to acknowledge our environmental responsibility as well as our role in helping Scotland achieve net-zero by 2045. “We are continuously evaluating and improving our operations, and investing in state-of-the-art machinery strengthens our position in the marketplace and allows us to better align with our client’s demands.

    “As part of our wider business strategy, we will continue to invest in our people, assets, and the wider community to allow us to facilitate our burgeoning portfolio of contracts and allow us to maintain the highest standard of service when supporting the delivery of our client’s construction programmes.

    “I look forward to continuing our passion for investment as we embark on the next stage of our growth strategy”.

    Employee Case Study

    Employee Case Study

    CDS Managing Director, Scott Murray, hails the importance of skills replenishment as international student, and CDS Site Engineer, Kshitij Bhave, completes post-graduate degree in Construction Project Management.

    Originally from India, Kshitij started his degree at Mumbai University before completing the remainder of his studies at Heriott-Watt University in Edinburgh, whilst joining CDS to gain valuable site experience that would cement the foundations of his forthcoming career.

    After joining CDS in August 2022, Kshitij has played a vital role in the success of several ground-breaking projects including the renowned Grosvenor Hotel refurbishment, and the grand EFI site at Quartermile, whilst gaining industry-leading experience in Engineering, Project Planning, and Site Management.

    Kshitij said:

    “With every new day at work, I am continuously enhancing my skillset and learning new principals that have helped me navigate my way through my studies and better my knowledge in my role as Site Engineer.

    “The exposure that CDS has offered me in the last few months has made me realise my potential and the CITB-accredited training courses that the company has allowed me to embark on have helped me gain great knowledge in all aspects of construction such as site activity, Health and Safety, and CDM regulation.

    “The effective guidance from my seniors has helped me polish my skills in a positive manner in such a way that will carve my future career trajectory in this challenging and ever-growing industry.”

    CDS Managing Director, Scott Murray, said:

    “At CDS we are passionate about providing opportunities for young people by offering invaluable on-the-job experience through our traineeships and apprenticeships.

    “We see great value in recruiting the next generation of the business, and it brings us immense satisfaction watching our staff enhance their skillset and progress with the business as a result of the training offered by our experienced site teams.

    “On behalf of the entire team at CDS, I give my heartfelt congratulations to Kshitij on his graduation and have no doubt that he will continue to excel throughout his career in Site and Project Management. We will continue to support and guide him through the next chapter of his development, and I look forward to seeing how he progresses in the near future.”


    Set up in 1990 to offer it’s services to the local industry with a mere workforce of two, the company now employ over 20 highly skilled and trained personnel; offering  various specialist drilling and sawing techniques throughout the UK.

    Core Drilling Specialist’s success is due to the foresight and vision of the present management team: Malcolm and Scott Murray.  Through  their experience within the family business, they hold between them 30 years experience in the diamond drilling industry, successfully operating and growing every year. This enables C.D.S. to operate to their fullest capacity on any given construction or demolition project.


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    Our mission is to revolutionise the concrete sawing and drilling industry through our innovation and attitude, provide a level of service and passion that our customers, our employees, and our community desire to experience.

    CDS (Scotland)LTD are one of the UK’s the leading Concrete Cutting & Controlled Demolition contractors whom cover the full length of the country and Ireland. We boast being one of few companies worldwide to offer a bespoke service when creating structural Alterations from Temp work’s design, Support Systems, Specialists Cutting, Permanent Supports & Builders works.

    Our specialist’s services also consist of Core Cutting for services, Specialists Cutting such as wire sawing & track Sawing, Complete Demolition Packages excellent for Refurbishment Projects with our Remote Controlled Robots, A vast Range of Fire Protection operations, Support Systems, Floor Preparation and Scanning of structure’s to provide accurate images of Reinforcement and any existing services which really does give our clients a one stop shop when meeting all their on-site requirement.

    Our goal is to have complete customer satisfaction from the planning stages through the completion of the project.

    Always on the cutting edge, our services make it easy for our customers to come to one place for all of their project needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to complete client satisfaction and safety, and we have the reputation and track record to prove it. We truly are “Providing the Cutting Edge to the Industry”.


    We work with a wide variety of clients. Have a look at what they say about us.

    Staff Training

    Despite the current situation, CDS continue to maintain a high level of training and development for all operators and staff. Most recently our management team are now certified Fit to Fit trainers, enabling them to ensure adequate respiratory protection for all.
    In addition to this, several operators have completed their NPORS Level Front Loaders Certification, supported through our external training providers and the Drilling and Sawing association.

    Taymouth Castle

    Edinburgh-based demolition and drilling specialists, CDS, announces its appointment at the multi-million-pound renovation of Taymouth Castle in Perthshire.

    The restoration project, which will be of great historic significance, will comprise the construction of a new north wing, 167 residential properties, a golf clubhouse, an equestrian centre, a new restaurant, two spas, and a 148-bedroom extension to the east wing.

    Working on behalf of the Main Contractor, Thomas Johnstone, Core Drilling Specialists have been awarded a demolition and down takings package as well as a structural alterations package that will be instrumental to the renovation of the landmark building that has been a prominent part of the Perthshire landscape since the 19th century. CDS has also been awarded the Fire Stopping package and Builders works in connection with services.

    The turnkey service package delivered by CDS will offer a cradle-to-grave solution and will comprise the removal of existing finishes, furnishes, flooring, and non-loadbearing walls. In addition, CDS will also perform specialist cutting techniques to remove load-bearing walls in advance of the formation of new structural door openings. The temporary works for this element of the project will utilise design input from Will Rudd Davidson who will create a bespoke design package for each structural alteration.

    Given the complexities associated with a build of this age, CDS will also facilitate the installation of multi-utilities by utilising dry cutting techniques to create penetrations in advance of the services being installed.

    Scott Murray, CDS Managing Director, said:

    “Our involvement at Taymouth Castle is another huge milestone for the CDS team and we are delighted to offer our support to the main construction programme.

    Although the nature of the project presents some challenges due to its unique architectural composition, our expertise in the delivery of specialist drilling services along with our ability to provide a cradle-to-grave solution will allow us to efficiently meet project demands whilst significantly minimising risk to the Main Contractor.

    CDS is proud to be part of this prestigious project and we look forward to seeing how this unique piece of architecture transitions into the 21st century”.

    Brokk 110

    Edinburgh-based demolition and drilling specialists, CDS, invests in a state-of-the-art Brokk 110 to enhance operations and support growing demands.

    The introduction of the Brokk 110 cements the business’ focus on investment, innovation, and growth, and is the fifth Brokk to join the business’ expanding fleet.

    The most powerful demolition machine of its size in the marketplace, the Brokk 110 will support CDS across a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial projects spanning the breadth of Scotland. The incorporation of a SmartPower electrical system and the reinforced Brokk Smart Design results in enhanced power and flexibility when undertaking demolition works.

    The Brokk 110 is the new updated version of the Brokk 100 which CDS purchased back in 2016 for Demolition and refurbishment to the old Cinema Building on 58/62 Renfield street, Glasgow. These Robots minimise Risks associated with more conventional Demolition Operation’s as they are remote control which removes the risk of Hand and Arm vibration to operators whilst increasing productivity. The 110/100 models are also ideal for tracking up staircases as they are small and versatile but light enough that they don’t put too much structural bearing within old buildings, making them great machines for refurbishment projects. A huge investment for CDS, the demolition robot enhances the business’ operational capability as it continues to deliver a healthy pipeline of contracts throughout the end of the year.

    Scott Murray, CDS Managing Director, said:

    “Our latest purchase of the Brokk 110 is illustrative of our commitment to investing in our service delivery as our growth continues to accelerate.

    “At CDS, we are focussed on delivering a turnkey service package for our clients in accordance with project demands, and the introduction of our new Brokk will significantly enhance our operations and support contract delivery.

    “The new Brokk 110 has already made substantial advancements across a number of our projects in the East, and we look forward to continuing our pattern of investment whilst we embark on the next phase of our growth strategy.”

    BCI Awards 2022


    The British Construction Industry Awards made a return last month and CDS was delighted to attend to represent our client, Tilbury Douglas.

    The ceremony, which took place on the 12th of October at the JW Mariott Grosvenor House in London, celebrates the best of the British Construction industry across a diverse range of categories that encompass main construction, multi-utilities, health & safety, Net-zero, sustainability, community benefit, and several others.

    Shortlisted in the Temporary Works Initiative of the Year category, Tilbury Douglas received the nomination for the temporary works system installed at the Scottish National Galleries project which was delivered by a collective team that included Tilbury Douglas, CDS, Calder Fabrications, Maybe, and a designated design team. The Scottish National Galleries Project is set to reach full completion in March 2023.

    CDS Managing Director, Scott Murray, said:

    “Our attendance at this year’s BCI Awards marks a huge milestone for the CDS team, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to represent our client and celebrate the outstanding work carried out by all parties at the Scottish National Galleries project.

    “This is the first time CDS has received such an accolade, and I am confident that it is demonstrative of the growth and progression the business has overturned this calendar year.

    “We have a healthy portfolio of contracts positioned for the remainder of this year, and we look forward to continuing our work on a number of ground-breaking projects across the breadth of Scotland.

    “I would like to extend my thanks to all parties involved in the delivery of this project and congratulate all of the worthy winners at the BCI Awards 2022”.