What is Track Sawing?

Track sawing is a fast- efficient method of creating precise cuts in heavily reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Diamond track sawing is perfect for applications demanding precision from forming angled cuts to sawing through staircases, door, window and vent openings along with many more. Track saws can also be ideal in demolition separation cutting applications. This technique offers high accuracy and smooth cuts compared to other concrete cutting tools such as stitch drilling and wire sawing.  

Diamond track saws produce accurate and smooth cuts in concrete surfaces. Conventional sawing methods can’t match the accuracy and precision that a diamond track saw can offer. Unlike other cutting methods such as stitch drilling openings, track saws feature a circular blade mounted on a track- based machine. 

Diamond track saws feature high powered electric or hydraulic motors that power diamond blades which make cutting extremely fast and easy. Furthermore, the saws are operated remotely improving accuracy and safety. Track sawing results in clean cuts and dust-free surroundings. All systems are water cooled preventing dust, and the resultant concrete or masonry slurry produced from the sawing can be collected and contained for environmentally friendly removal.


Core Drilling Specialists Ltd are experts within the concrete drilling and sawing industry , with over 30 years of the company’s experience. C.D.S. provides professional services to both the construction and demolition industries, throughout Scotland and the UK.


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    May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts during the Christmas and New Year shifts.  The works were not easy by any stretch of the imagination, compounded by adverse weather conditions , working away from home and site conditions that were not ideal.  We completed the works as far as we could and handed back both possessions on time without any accidents or incidents which we should be proud of.  We had a couple of high level visits from the client who were content with our efforts and achievements.

    Mark Johnson, Senior Project Manager – AMCO Rail



    “James Ramsey’s has been using CDS as their proffered specialist cutting contractors for the past 6 years and would highly recommend their services, as a professional concise contractor whom always maintain high levels of professionalism throughout.”

    Gary Shepard, Director, James Ramsey’s


    “I have been utilising CDS for 10 years now whilst working with BAM construction on several innovative projects, including Cross House Hospital, Blair Dardy Primary School and most recently reemployed their services for the Johnnie Walker Experience in Edinburgh. Their high level of workmanship and attention to detail with regards to health and safety is second to none.”

    Kris Moir, Project Manager, BAM Construction


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