Covid-19 Update

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, CDS have been monitoring the government guidelines daily to try and assist with the stem of the virus. Due to this we have already ceased operations on several sites and have reduced the numbers working at the main office, encouraging home working where possible and ensuring self isolation for the more vulnerable personnel. There has however been growing concerns that the sites still remaining operational are struggling to adhere to the government guidelines. Albeit the government has not categorically shut down the construction industry, we still have a duty of care to our employees and families to ensure we reduce the probability of spread, to that end we will be stopping works on the vast majority of sites from 25th of March, with the view of closing the main office from the 27th until further notice. Going forward, all sites will be made safe and plan removed, with only a handful of specific essential sites remaining operational, which we will continue to support to the best of our ability during these testing times.
Core Drilling Specialists Ltd.

Unit 9,
Inchcross Industrial Estate
Whitburn Rd,
EH48 2HR

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