CDS have been offering the construction Industry our knowledge and experience with regards to surface floor preparation for in excess of 25 years and within that time have equipped ourselves with the leading Industry plant and equipment to provide a Cutting edge finish to your projects.

We also have a variety of 3 phase Equipment ideal for internal surface floor prepartion applications which are fully dust extractible and capable of leaving the finish you require. Our operators are fully trained to CSCS standard for carrying out the following applications. 


Concrete grinding is the simplest and most efficient method for levelling and restoring concrete flooring. A good floor grinder with diamond tools will quickly loosen old floor coatings such as paint, epoxy or carpet glue, while creating a perfect base for the new floor covering.

Grinding enables you to remove the old floor covering and level the surface, all without damaging the floor. The rotating grinding disc works horizontally, giving a far more even and flat surface with minimal need for follow-up work.


As well as shot blasting, surface planing / scabbling is one of the most used methods of preparing concrete and asphalt surfaces. Especially where a more aggressive key is required for a new surface, or thick, rubbery deposits (such as on airport runways) need to be removed.
With a range of beam, TCT and milling cutters available, CDS Planers are highly versatile, practical and efficient solution. And now with our latest Brokk attachments we are capable accessing high or horizontal areas.



This is recognised as the Premier industry standard method of concrete surface preparation, it is fast efficient and clean. Our Auto blast machines are electrically powered and are dust free in operation. Equally effective on steel as well as concrete surface the process leaves a clean profiled surface perfectly prepared for subsequent coatings ie. paints, resins or screeds. Shot blasting is unique because there is little mechanical impact with the surface thus avoiding loosening of aggregates or damage to joints etc.


  • High spot slab reductions
  • Screed Removal
  • Adhesive Removal
  • Tile & Carpet  strippers