Air leakage in buildings not only increases the spread of flames in the event of a fire, but can also seriously impact energy efficiency. Air leakage is such a serious problem for safety and the environment that buildings must now adhere to Building Regulations L2, which stipulates appropriate levels of air leakage and energy conservation for all construction projects in the UK. At Core Drilling Specialists we use the best materials on the market to seal joints and gaps within a building’s structure, improving thermal efficiency and increasing fire protection throughout the structure.


Intumescent Coatings the flammability of painted timber or masonry, slowing down flame spread in the event of a fire. Using intumescent paint can save lives and save the structural integrity of a building in the event of a fire


CDS Fire Protection offer a variety of rigid and semi-rigid Boarding Systems to provide Passive Fire Protection to structural steelwork. Suitable for visible and hidden structures, our boards encase steelwork and insulate against heat and flames for up to 240 minutes.

Boarding is one of the best-known methods of Passive Fire Protection, and has undergone astonishing advances over time. Today we have access to a wide variety of materials that can be used in Protective Boarding Systems, depending on the individual needs and requirements of the project at hand.

Benefits of Fire Board Protection

  • Clean, dry installation
  • Can be aesthetically finished
  • Increase acoustic performance
  • Durable


Acoustic Sealing is the process of reducing noise transmission through a building by the application of acoustic rated materials. CDS Fire Protection offers a comprehensive range of Acoustic Sealing solutions for industrial, commercial, multi-occupancy private properties, and more.

In environments where continuous noise could negatively influence the behaviour and activity of the building’s occupants, Acoustic Sealing is incredibly important. Our fully trained workforce employs the best practises in noise control and reduction to improve acoustic performance.
Our Acoustic Sealing lasts the test of time, and ensures that levels of acoustic transmission in our projects comply with Document E of UK Building Regulations.



Fire Cavity Barriers are installed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building through vulnerable areas such as ceiling spaces, roof spaces, and raised access floors.
UK Building Regulations require buildings to adhere to national standards of compartmentation, wherein spaces and cavities within a building’s structure are divided by Cavity Barriers. This is designed to keep fires in the area where they originated for as long as possible, reducing the risk of fire, smoke, and dangerous gases spreading to other areas of the building.

Today, most buildings will contain many voids and hidden cavities within their structure. Cavity Barriers are therefore of imperative importance.
CDS Fire Protection, offer a range of Cavity Barrier products and installation services. Our Cavity Barriers maintain integrity and performance over the lifespan of a building and can be installed in accordance with other factors such as building size, location, and insurance stipulations.


Fire Stopping is a wide and varied Passive Fire Protection system intended to seal any openings, joints or gaps where the spread of fire may occur. Fire stopping is typically performed in the latter stages of the building project when any plumbing, electrical, or mechanical services have been fitted and installed.
CDS  Fire Stopping services strengthens and protects the integrity of compartmentalisation in existing or on-going Passive Fire Protection measures. Our experts use a range of Fire Stopping materials and techniques to seal service penetrations in floors, walls and ceilings, slab edge, wallheads and more.